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Solaris Evo for Cheese

Solaris Smart3D for Cheese is a form-fill-seal, continuous-motion packaging machine that produces sealed “pillow-pack” type packages starting from a reel of flat-foil wrapping material. The special transferring continuous-motion Smart3D sealing system (a PFM patent) enables Solaris to produce packages with three sealings and a square base and Steelo-Bags (stand-up packages with square base and 4 rigidised corners, optional) at high speed..


Suitable for wrapping granular products (chips/crisps, candies and many others) combined with multihead weighers and volumetric dosing systems.


  • New body design, “Hermetic Box”, protected from infiltrations of liquids and powders.
  • New High Speed Long Dwell rotary sealing system, tested at 200 mechanical cycles per minute. Sealing crimpers removable from the front.
  • Full servo wrapper driven by brushless servomotors with axis motion controller.
  • MMI with Colour touch screen. Operator’s friendly software. Integrated modem for on-line Teleservice.
  • Expansion reel holder with self-centring system.
  • Power feed roll controlled by independent motor.
  • Extremely compact design for a perfect control and synchronisation with feeding systems thanks to the short product falling distance.

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